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WE HAVE MOVED (1st October 2020)

OUR NEW ADDRESS IS: Ltd, Smooth Store

Unit 3, Water Tower Road

Clayhill Business Park



CH64 3US

0151 342 2111



As more staff will be operating via email than telephones, email is by far the best way to enquire with us currently. Please could you use the below guide to help answer any enquiries you may have:-

For existing customers, new enquiries, sales information etc – please email

For information regarding your current order online or off – or if you would like to pause an order due to your own workplace being closed etc – or if you would like to change a delivery address – please email

For accounts, to pay a bill or other general enquiries – please email

For refunds, in full or part, or if you are a supplier requiring payment – please email

If you are a supplier who would like to book in a delivery – please email

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